We believe that every individual has to be prepared and able to take care of themselves before they can take care of someone else. DTI provides training for individuals that empowers the trainee and their families to be prepared, before disasters happen! This is the first step in assisting your neighbor and rebuilding your community.

Class requirements: Even though this class exists to empower the individual, we require at least 10 participants. And because this class is designed for the individual, we limit class sizes to 20 participants to insure quality student instructor interaction during the CPR training.




When you’re able to take care of yourself, you now have the ability to help your neighborhood! Participating in DTI’s neighborhood training empowers you to work together and provide the immediate assistance your neighbors need, while waiting on emergency officials to arrive. This is more important than some realize because in the event of a disaster, local Fire, Police and EMS are sometimes overwhelmed!

** Bonus: Choose one skill set to be taught for free: Includes chainsaw operations, the mud-out of a property or tarping/repairing a roof.

Class requirements: Because this class is designed to empower an entire neighborhood, we require at least 20 participants and allow no more than 40. Anything larger than that and you begin operating on a community wide level. Participants must have completed DTI’s Individual Training.




After you’re able to take care of yourself and you know how to immediately respond within your neighborhood… You’re ready to take on rebuilding your community! Over the course of two days we teach the basics of disaster recovery and what it actually takes to rebuild.

Class requirements: Committing to become part of the solution during the recovery phase and taking on the responsibility of rebuilding a community… Requires an entire community!! We require at least 75 individuals and there is no limit to how big a class size can be. Participants must have completed DTI’s Individual and Neighborhood training.

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